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It seems that now we will be able to fax from Google mail without the problems of fax machines.  In a recent press release, the company announced that it is now possible to fax from Google. Although the search engine giant has not announced any plans to do this, several email fax services have added compatibility with Gmail.

According to the Google fax press release:

“Individual entities who want to make use of the technology can also enjoy the same benefits as those of small- and medium-sized businesses, are sure not to be left, as they can also reap the same advantages offered to small- and mid-sized firms. The way users send and receive fax via Google is the same one to follow in order to send or receive a common e-mail, but in this case faxes are handled as email attachments.”

This could be a great way to cut costs, especially in these troubled economic times we live on today.  To help people in how to get started, the company has released a guide on Google fax, in which you can find the needed steps and the different fax service alternatives currently on the market.  It’s worth taking a look at!


This is very sad news.  Remember Randy Savage “Macho Man” from the 80s and 90s era of the WWF? Well, he has sadly passed away after suffering a car accident.

Apparently he was driving with his wife on the side when a heart attack surprised him.  Unable to gain control of the car, they finally hit a tree after avoiding a concrete wall and oncoming traffic.

On the other side his wife only suffered minor injuries.

We will always remember you Macho Man! Here is a video for those who never got the chance of watching him in action.

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Remember Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? One of my all time favorite movies! Well, many years have passed since that movie came out and of course the cast must be very different.

Thanks to the footage of “The Making of Willy Wonka” we can see them as they look today.  Be amazed and remember those good times!

Very sad.  Patrick Schwarzenegger changed his last name in Twitter to Shriver.  Is this his way of telling his father he was wrong? 😦

via Patrick Schwarzenegger Changed Last Name to Shriver on Twitter

Hello again, as you may have heard,  Arnold Schwarzenegger – aka Terminator –  and Maria Shriver had separated and yesterday we found out he had in fact fathered a love child with a staffer!

Now today also come the news of Gigi Goyette, who said she was a mistress of the movie action hero. Which prompts me to ask: how many mistresses did he have?

Goyette has said: ‘There were so many other women. About 13 have come out of the woodwork.’

This smells like another case of multiple mistresses about to show up, just like it happened with Tiger Woods and Jesse James.  You know what they say… truth will come at one time or the other, but it will always come out!

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Hip hop is wonderful music, however it always seems to be accompanied by violence.  This time it took the life of Cali Swag District rapper M-Bone, who at just 22 was shot outside a store in Inglewood, California.

Not much is known in the case right now, it seems he as next to his vehicle when another vehicle approached, firing at least two shots to M-Bone’s head.  Then they flew towards La Brea. Police is currently investigating the case.

There has been no talk of suspects.  Was this an act of retaliation?

Here’s a video of the group in case you never heard of them. RIP M-Bone.

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There have been multiple sites online reporting the death of Acton Beale, who just recently died while trying to do “planking” on a balcony.  Now people are saying that planking got its first victim, but did it?

From the information taken by the police, Beale, 20, was returning home from a night out when he decided to do the “feat”. Though toxicology reports have not been made available, it would seem that this risky activity was caused by alcohol.

Are we putting the blame in a harmless activity that only involves lying down in strange places (not necessarily dangerous)? Are we again taking the blame out of alcohol? I think yes.


Planking Causes Death of Acton Beale?


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