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Yeehaw!!! Nothing like good news to lift you up, and we got some great news for PS3 owners: The Playstation Network has been restored, along with Qriocity services.  This means that we can get back online to play Black Ops.

Thanks Sony… a little late but thanks.

The announcement was made by Kazuo Hirai through the Playstation blog.  In it Hirai gives us some details (with incredibly affluent English) on the PSN restoration and the MUCH EXPECTED “Welcome Back Package”.

You’ll have to check your PSN dashboard to see what’s this all about.  But I bet you are gonna love it!


PSN Update, Playstation Network Restoration Begins


Have you heard the rumor????? The Internet is right now buzzing with the news that Ray J (famous for his sex tape with Kim Kardashian) is dating Danielle Staub!

A mis-match made in Heaven? We’ll have to wait and see.  Media Take Out was the site that released this exclusive information, and they show a picture in which Staub is allegedly kissing Ray J at a sort of party.  But there’s a detail… we don’t get to see her face!

The face of the alleged Staub is covered by her arm.

The woman is using a dress that Staub wears, has the same complexity.  But I mean… we have to see the face right?


Danielle Staub and Ray J DATING?

The winning man himself Charlie Sheen has finally responded to the news confirming the participation of Ashton Kutcher in “Two and a Half Men”. Predictably, he still thinks the show will bomb, but also praises Kutcher for being a good comedian, like he is!

Read out Charlie’s statement:

“Kutcher is a sweetheart and a brilliant comedic performer … Oh wait, so am I! Enjoy the show America. Enjoy seeing a 2.0 in the demo every Monday, WB.”

“Enjoy planet Chuck, Ashton. There is no air, laughter, loyalty, or love there.”

I love Charlie! Read more at:

Charlie Sheen on Ashton Kutcher Casting in “Two and Half Men”

Today is the final of the Eurovision 2011.  France is the favorite right now, but I have seen how many people likes the Belarus song.  i have to say that it is not bad, and has become my favorite so far. The eurovision final 2011 will get started in just a few hours.

At what time is the Eurovision 2011 final? Who will be the winner?

Well, you can find more about it at What Time Does Eurovision 2011 Final Start?

‘Idol’  Fantasia Barrino has been recently involved in a scandal that is literally appearing all over the media.  She has been accused by a woman named Paula cook of being the mistress of husband Antwan Cook.  The wife says she has proof of her claims including sex tapes Barrino and Cook made during several of their encounters.

A scandal like this will definetely take a toll in Barrino’s career if they claims are proven to be true.  No once really likes a husband-stealer, no matter if they are famous or not.  But well, the same could be said about Chris Brown and he’s doing fine now right?

Well, in any case let’s hope Fantasia learns form her mistakes.  What do you think?

You canr ead all about this tory at: Antwan Cook (PHOTO), The Man Behind Fantasia Barrino Sex Tape

Oscar-winning actress Patricia Neal has died and she was 84 years old.  According to online information, the actress (who won an Oscar for her acting in “Hud”) she had been living with lung cancer.

Our thoughts go to her family.  Hollywood has certainly lost a shining star.

Read more on Patricia Neal Dies at Age 84

Dez Bryant may not have wanted to go through Rookie Hazing, but Tim Tebow has surely embraced it! I was shocked to see today the Tim Tebow haircut photo.  At first I thought it would be a different haircut…but… well amaze yourself following:

Tim Tebow Haircut PHOTO


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  • Portia: She will definitely pay for this. The very sad part is when she realizes that he is basically using her, it will all be too late. She will have alread
  • Me: i am portuguese and i had one of this dogs at my home. They are so sweet, the best friend you can get!
  • Coolgirl1800: OMG! Bo Obama, or BoBama is so cute...I have 2 golden retrievers, Maverick, and Fenway...i think they would get along awesome!!! HE IS SO CUTE!