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Today the This is it Movie tickets are on sale! For those of you who don’t know, Michael Jackson is one of my top musician of all time. You can’t deny the impact he had on music and culture in general. Greatly misunderstood, Michael left us this year, saddening people from all over the World.

This movie is a set of footage from the rehearsal of what were going to be his last concerts. We already had the chance of seeing a part right after his death, where – contrary to many “journalists” – Michael Jackson was seen dancing with energy and with the attitude he always showed on stage.

The movie will be on theatres for only two weeks in October. I won’t miss it!


On an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the daughter of John Phillips, from the Mamas and the Papas, Mackenzie Phillips, has given some terrible revelations about the relationship between her and her father.

She says that John Phillips sexually abused her, and that one day she blacked out and woke up having sex with her father. She also adds that her father was the one who got her into cocaine, and from there she has had a history of drug abuse and even was arrested on charges of drug possession.

Here is a clip from Oprah’s show:

After news of the recent Atlanta flooding, we now have the news of the Six Flags park being underwater! What an unusual thing to see! This terrible flooding that has left so far 7 people dead is also destroying many places like the famous park.


I was very sad today after reading about the 2 year old boy who died. According to some news sources, the little boy was washed away from his father hands. That’s terrible!

People are also advised to stay clear off the roads, as some of the fatalities took place this way. Let’s hope the death toll doesn’t increase. From here we send love to Atlanta!


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  • Portia: She will definitely pay for this. The very sad part is when she realizes that he is basically using her, it will all be too late. She will have alread
  • Me: i am portuguese and i had one of this dogs at my home. They are so sweet, the best friend you can get!
  • Coolgirl1800: OMG! Bo Obama, or BoBama is so cute...I have 2 golden retrievers, Maverick, and Fenway...i think they would get along awesome!!! HE IS SO CUTE!