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If you happen to have a low blood pressure reading result, you have to acknowledge you might be disposed to suffering from health hazards. This circumstance, also called hypotension, appears when there is fewer press against the wall of the arteries; less blood and oxygen is then carried to the primary organs such as the heart.

On any blood pressure interpretation, you’ll find there are two numerals side by side or one on top of the other. The first number is the measure of the systolic pressure, while the second value concerns to the diastolic blood pressure. The premiere one refers to the quantity of press shown when the heart is pumping away blood, while the following numeral is the appraise of pressure between each heart beat.

Read more at Low Blood Pressure Readings.


A man in Tampa, named Bill Seebeck settled with the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, after they denied him the pay of the $166,666,666.65 jackpot! That’s right, the 4-dollar slot machine went crazy and threw out this devilish looking number as the prize won!

At first, news of the Casino denies man jackpot surfaced because the Seminole Hard Rock Casino wasn’t willing to pay a single penny to the man!  Guess things are better now; next time you better know all the regulations before going to a casino. And well, I guess the Internet is a great place to complaint and have some kind of justice!


Nicolas Cage, one of my favorite actors is having huge financial problems, after wrong advice from his business manager. Nicolas Cage money problems became evident after he started selling many of his properties across the World, in an effort to pay his bills. Did you know that he has been also having problems with the IRS?


Now, he’s obliviously not 100% broke, but compared to his “circle” he’s in a critical situation! Let’s hope things get better for the actor. He surely charges a lot for acting in movies, can he make just a couple of them and get things back to normal?

CNN made a more detailed coverage and explanation on why Nick Cage is now broke, I will try to find the video to post it here.


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  • Portia: She will definitely pay for this. The very sad part is when she realizes that he is basically using her, it will all be too late. She will have alread
  • Me: i am portuguese and i had one of this dogs at my home. They are so sweet, the best friend you can get!
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