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Dez Bryant may not have wanted to go through Rookie Hazing, but Tim Tebow has surely embraced it! I was shocked to see today the Tim Tebow haircut photo.  At first I thought it would be a different haircut…but… well amaze yourself following:

Tim Tebow Haircut PHOTO


I’m a longtime fan of the Dallas cowboys, and today I’ve heard they have released their schdule for both Pre Season and Regular Season.  If you are a cowboys fan don’t miss this information out.

Dallas Cowboys 2010 NFL Schedule – Preseason
Date Opponent Time
Aug 8 Cincinnati 8:00pm
Aug 12 Oakland 9:00pm
Aug 21 @San Diego 9:00pm
Aug 28 @Houston 8:00pm
Sep 2 Miami 8:00pm
All times are Eastern

Find the full regular season schedule at the Dallas Cowboys schedule.


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  • Portia: She will definitely pay for this. The very sad part is when she realizes that he is basically using her, it will all be too late. She will have alread
  • Me: i am portuguese and i had one of this dogs at my home. They are so sweet, the best friend you can get!
  • Coolgirl1800: OMG! Bo Obama, or BoBama is so cute...I have 2 golden retrievers, Maverick, and Fenway...i think they would get along awesome!!! HE IS SO CUTE!