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Michael Yon is a man who got arrested for denying to state his income at Seattle airport. What happened? They handcuffed him. On his Facebook profile he detailed his whole adventure.

Since then is one required to do this in order to enter your country? What, now not stating your income is considered a terrorist thread.  This is not normal people, this is not freedom! We have to do something. Not just for this, but because of everything is happening.


A man in Tampa, named Bill Seebeck settled with the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, after they denied him the pay of the $166,666,666.65 jackpot! That’s right, the 4-dollar slot machine went crazy and threw out this devilish looking number as the prize won!

At first, news of the Casino denies man jackpot surfaced because the Seminole Hard Rock Casino wasn’t willing to pay a single penny to the man!  Guess things are better now; next time you better know all the regulations before going to a casino. And well, I guess the Internet is a great place to complaint and have some kind of justice!


After news of the recent Atlanta flooding, we now have the news of the Six Flags park being underwater! What an unusual thing to see! This terrible flooding that has left so far 7 people dead is also destroying many places like the famous park.


I was very sad today after reading about the 2 year old boy who died. According to some news sources, the little boy was washed away from his father hands. That’s terrible!

People are also advised to stay clear off the roads, as some of the fatalities took place this way. Let’s hope the death toll doesn’t increase. From here we send love to Atlanta!


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