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Remember Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? One of my all time favorite movies! Well, many years have passed since that movie came out and of course the cast must be very different.

Thanks to the footage of “The Making of Willy Wonka” we can see them as they look today.  Be amazed and remember those good times!



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  • Portia: She will definitely pay for this. The very sad part is when she realizes that he is basically using her, it will all be too late. She will have alread
  • Me: i am portuguese and i had one of this dogs at my home. They are so sweet, the best friend you can get!
  • Coolgirl1800: OMG! Bo Obama, or BoBama is so cute...I have 2 golden retrievers, Maverick, and Fenway...i think they would get along awesome!!! HE IS SO CUTE!