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It seems that now we will be able to fax from Google mail without the problems of fax machines.  In a recent press release, the company announced that it is now possible to fax from Google. Although the search engine giant has not announced any plans to do this, several email fax services have added compatibility with Gmail.

According to the Google fax press release:

“Individual entities who want to make use of the technology can also enjoy the same benefits as those of small- and medium-sized businesses, are sure not to be left, as they can also reap the same advantages offered to small- and mid-sized firms. The way users send and receive fax via Google is the same one to follow in order to send or receive a common e-mail, but in this case faxes are handled as email attachments.”

This could be a great way to cut costs, especially in these troubled economic times we live on today.  To help people in how to get started, the company has released a guide on Google fax, in which you can find the needed steps and the different fax service alternatives currently on the market.  It’s worth taking a look at!


Yeehaw!!! Nothing like good news to lift you up, and we got some great news for PS3 owners: The Playstation Network has been restored, along with Qriocity services.  This means that we can get back online to play Black Ops.

Thanks Sony… a little late but thanks.

The announcement was made by Kazuo Hirai through the Playstation blog.  In it Hirai gives us some details (with incredibly affluent English) on the PSN restoration and the MUCH EXPECTED “Welcome Back Package”.

You’ll have to check your PSN dashboard to see what’s this all about.  But I bet you are gonna love it!


PSN Update, Playstation Network Restoration Begins

I have recently gotten the opportunity to try the Canon Powershot SD 880 and after just a few minutes I knew I had to buy it. This camera is wonderful. This is my first Canon camera, my previous one was a Lumix camera made by Panasonic, and although I liked it, this one felt much better.

The Powershot SD 880 offers 10 Megapixels. Every year cameras get more and more megapixels for less money – it is amazing! This camera suits my way of life. I always have the camera around, so this one is perfect to carry anywhere without feeling it too much. Stay tuned to the blog. I will grab some photos and put them here for you to check!.


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